Monday, July 25, 2016

Heritage Performance Gloves Review

So, as is common in a barn setting, one of my gloves disappeared. As in, I have absolutely no idea where it is - and I have searched absolutely everywhere - and I logically know that it must be somewhere - and yet I still have a belief that it has vanished from the face of the earth. Most likely the barn thief (*cough-cough Calvin) now has it in his possession and I will never again see it.
Since I loathe riding without gloves (because my fingers get terrible blisters - especially due to the rubber reins that I am currently using & about to replace), I needed to find replacement gloves. What I wanted was something reasonably priced, tight-fitting (the elastic wrist on my old gloves had really stretched out and they were terribly loose), touch-screen friendly, and hopefully cute! After a little browsing around on the internet, I found what I thought I wanted. They were the Heritage Performance Gloves and they had all of the specifications that I wanted. I ordered them through Amazon.
Heritage Performance Gloves
 When my gloves arrived I immediately tried them on to determine the fit and it was perfect. Just snug enough without being too tight or too wiggly. They were the right length in the fingers (I LOATHE excess finger fabric). I ordered a size 6 and my hands are probably average for my height (I'm 5'3"). I think that I have shorter than average fingers, so if you have longer fingers than I would probably order up a size.
Perfect Fit
The color I ordered was Ridge Blue. I really did almost get black gloves, but the blue was just so pretty that I couldn't resist. They come in many other colors and some patterns that are also cool (looking at you Gallop print).
Blue Ridge Color
The price point of these gloves was great. I got my pair for $11 (thanks to Amazon's great prices). It looks like on Amazon they range in price from $10-20, which is really a good price considering the quality of the glove. It is also worth considering Heritage Gloves's awesome warranty - "All Heritage gloves are warranted against defects in material or workmanship for 90 days from date of purchase." That means that if they should break all-of-the-sudden, I don't lose out on all of my money (although after judging the quality of these gloves, my guess is that people rarely have to use the warranty).

Thick enough to keep my hands clean, but thin enough to still be able to feel
Speaking of quality, these gloves seem to be great quality. They are made out of synthetic leather and nylon spandex. The synthetic leather is touchscreen friendly and I was able to use my smartphone without any issue (yay for not having to take gloves off to text!) The spandex is stretchy, allowing it to be a closer fit, and the outward seams are all double stitched to prevent ripping. They are machine-washable, so cleaning them will be a breeze. After my last pair of gloves, I paid a lot of attention to the quality of the elastic on the wrist and it impressed me. It wasn't too stretchy as to make me concerned about them stretching out, but they were stretchy enough to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes (including my tiny wrists).

Perfectly sized elastic
There are a couple of cool features that make me really love these gloves. One of them is the cool name tag area on the elastic wrist. Since gloves do tend to go missing, it is really nice to have a designated area to be able to write your name where it doesn't look obnoxious or tacky.
Name tag area on elastic wrist
Another really cool feature of these gloves is their design. It is a rein-cut design and so there is extra padding where you need it for extra protection while holding reins. There is also extra padding provided on the tip of the thumb. All of these extra padded areas are double-stitched to ensure that they won't be coming off anytime soon. Not only is there extra padding, but the synthetic leather is designed to be extra grippy to help you keep hold of the reins.
Rein-cut design
Rein-cut design
When I put the gloves into action today I continued to be impressed with them. It was a really hot day and I was sweating, but my hands did not get overheated at all (which was great, because is there really anything worse than sweaty hands?). I felt like I was still able to feel the horse through the gloves, but was given protection against the rubbing of the reins. I didn't feel any uncomfortable chaffing through the gloves and kind of forgot that I was even wearing gloves, which is as it should be in my opinion. After riding, I inspected the gloves and they still looked brand new. Only time will tell for their durability (I will post an update in a month or so), but considering the high quality of the stitching, my guess is that these gloves will last for quite a while.
Preparing to ride
Gloves in action
The cons of this product are that they are not made in the USA (they are imported from Indonesia) and I am skeptical that they will be warm enough for winter riding (even here in Oregon where winters are not at all intense). That being said, considering the price point and the quality I would definitely buy these gloves again and they are a new riding staple for me.

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