Friday, July 22, 2016

Meet Eden


Name: Eden ("eh-den")
Origin of Name: I am named after Eden Hazard, who is on my dad's favorite soccer team (Chelsea FC). My parents thought about naming me Hazard, but since I was so little they thought that would be really silly and so they named me Eden instead.
Nicknames: Edenski, Eddy, Eddy-deddy, Deddy (this is what my mom calls me most often), Dedden
Breed: Chiweenie? Maybe some Italian Greyhound (I have a double-suspension gallop)? Some Corgi? Anyone's guess really.
Gender: Male (neutered)
Birthday: March 29, 2015
Life Backstory: I came from a high-kill shelter in San J0se, California. Nobody knows how I ended up there. Some nice people brought me to Oregon where I was in a foster home for a few months, then my mommy and daddy came to see me at an adoption event and they took me home that same day! I was a bit of a health mess when they adopted me (fungal infections, intestinal worms) and I was also not at all house-trained, but they worked with me to bring me back to health and to train me. I'm now a very happy little dog.
Tricks I know: Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Shake, Roll Over, Crawl, Jump, Squirrel, Sit-Pretty, & Ring-the-bell-to-go-outside.
Favorite things to do: Play with friends, run circles around my humans at the park, chase birds, destroy/murder all stuffed animals, go to the barn!

I love to run around at the barn!
Least favorite things to do: Take baths (or go in any water), being cold outside.
I'm a baby who can't handle the cold, so I wear sweaters...
Favorite food: Bacon treats, any human food I can find, and horse cookies.
Grossest thing I eat: I'm a horse-poop eater. Judge me as you will.
Best friends: Calvin & Ovie. I should include my cat sister Remy too (but sometimes we hate each other).
Eden & Calvin
It was nice getting to meet you, you'll be sure to hear more about me and my adventures as a barn dog!

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