Friday, July 29, 2016

The Importance of Hobbies in Relationships

I feel incredibly lucky that I am able to pursue a hobby that I know for many people is completely unattainable. Any equestrian sport is expensive, time-consuming, requires access to a car (since the facilities are usually outside of city limits), and did I mention expensive? I am extra appreciative of the fact that I am able to ride horses because for some many years in my life I was unable to be around the animals that I love. I had a period of 5 years where I did not have access to horses and it was terrible. It is really hard when something that is central to your identity and happiness is inaccessible to you. Being without my hobby made me at times depressed and very, very bored.
That being said, now that I have access to horses it does take sacrifice. It takes a lot of time and money, although since I work at my barn it takes a lot more time than money. Since I spend so much time at the barn that means I have less time for other things, including, but not limited to, spending time with my partner.
I love spending time with both of them
My partner, Jin, is great. He is incredibly supportive of my hobby and patiently listens to all of my chatter about what I did in my lesson that day. He comes out to the barn even though he is terribly allergic to hay. He never makes me feel guilty for spending hours at the barn. In return, I try to be supportive of his interests too.
Supportive boyfriend and horse
This weekend there was a soccer game in our town that was between two big European soccer teams. Jin got us tickets to go watch the game because he is a soccer enthusiast. We went to the game and it was really fun (we had awesome seats which helped). I had other things that I was going to do that day, but deciding to go to the game was a really good decision. It made Jin happy, it was a lot of fun, and spending time on my relationship is never a waste of time.
The soccer game
Mostly this weekend was just a good reminder to myself that relationships are two-way streets, and putting forth a little bit of effort to show your partner that you care about their hobbies too goes a really long way.

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