Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weaver Leather Adjustable Halter Review

I am in the process of preparing to buy my first horse. Since this will be my first horse I literally own nothing for a horse and so am in the process of acquiring the basics. One of the most basic things that you can own for a horse is a halter and so I went online and found what seemed to be a high-quality nylon halter. I purchased the Weaver Leather Basic Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap Halter for $12 on Amazon.
Perfect fit on Casey
I ordered the color Turquoise, but it comes in nine different colors. I love the color that I chose. It looks great on Casey and is incredibly bright. The price on Amazon varies depending on the color that you choose. They range from $10-20 which is a really decent price for a halter.
The halter is made out of double-ply nylon. The nylon features box stitching at stress points which should give the halter more strength and should make it last longer. I specifically chose nylon, because although I love the look and feel of leather, it makes no sense to own a leather halter in rainy Oregon. I am really familiar with nylon halters and they have many good qualities. They hold together really well, can stay outside in the rain without any problem, are washable, and have bright colors.
Super colorful
This specific halter is standard in terms of the nylon, but doesn't have some of the higher-end features of other nylon halters. For instance, the holes in the straps are just heat-sealed, rather than having metal grommets to protect the shape of the holes. This may impact the longevity of the halter's lifespan, but only time will tell. The benefit of the heat-sealed strap holes is that it is really easy to add more holes if you need them. You can just heat a nail and punch it through the nylon.
She loves it!
The hardware on the halter is heavy-duty and brass plated. The buckles are the right size so that they are not hard to get the straps into and I didn't have any problem with the straps wiggling loose (even with Casey running around like a crazy horse).  One of the nicest features of the halter is the built in throat snap. Throat snaps are really handy any time you need to get better access to your horse's face, such as when you are trying to get tar weed off of their face. It also allows you to put the halter on more like a bridle if you wish to. Throat snaps are not standard on halters and I appreciated this detail.
I ordered the size "average" for Casey. She is a 15'3 hand TB with a pretty average sized head. The halter fit her really well without me having to adjust the halter at all. The halter is on the middle hole (out of 5) of the chin strap and it fits her really well. The poll strap on Casey also fits on the middle hole (out of 5). This tells me that this halter could fit a wide range of horse heads. The other sizes that Amazon offers are "small horse" and "large horse."
Bright and cheery!
I would also say that Casey seems to really enjoy her new halter and that it is not rubbing her anywhere. She seemed comfortable in it and looked great good with it on.
Overall I really like this halter. I don't know if it is the best halter in the world, but I'd definitely say that it is one of the best halters in its price range.

UPDATE 1/15/2017: This halter only lived for 3 months before Casey murdered it. She ripped through the heat-sealed holes. In addition, the bright color did not last long before it became faded and murky. It can be washed and will regain some of its original brightness, but never seemed to stay clean after that. We upgraded to a leather halter rather than buying a second one of these.

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