Friday, August 12, 2016

A Tour of Casey’s Home

Since Casey has finally settled into her new living quarters, I thought that it was high time that I shared them with you, my readers.
Before I owned Casey she was living out in pasture with her BFF, Ava. I think that Casey probably thought that it was the best thing ever, but it was problematic for a variety of reasons.
Reason 1: Ava is a bit of a glutton and so she would eat all of the food (including Casey's food), to the point that last winter Casey had to be brought into the main barn because she was scary thin. Since Casey is being worked more now she needs to eat more food and there was just no way to get Ava to stop eating her food without separating them.
Reason 2: This really is just me being lazy/caring too much about my horse's looks... but the tarweed is terrible out in pasture and it was getting all over Casey and then transferring onto all of her things. There is nothing worse than having your things destroyed by tarweed sap.
Reason 3: When Casey was living out in pasture she just couldn't get her head in the game (High School Musical anyone?) when I was riding her. She is a tad ditzy just on her own, but living the wild life out in pasture just made it worse.
Reason 4: The horses that live out in pasture all of the time usually end up having lameness issues (due to the uneven terrain that gets really wet + other horses injuring them + galloping around like crazy horses). For that reason, the horses that are in serious training don't live out in pasture (but you can have them put in a pasture for a few hours at a time)
So now Casey is living in the main barn in a paddock. Although she misses Ava, she is right next to Wings and they love each other so she isn't too desolate.
Wings (left) and Casey (right)
In her paddock, Casey has a horse shed that provides rain and wind protection. It has three walls and a sturdy metal roof.
Casey's horse shed
For the bedding in the shed, we use Dry Den. This stuff is pretty magical. One bag lasts Casey about a week and that is with her terrible pee-on-my-own-bed habits.
Dry Den
Dry Den after water has been added to fluff it up
She has her very own blue water bucket that gets filled 2-3 times per day. She doesn't seem to be destructive towards her water bucket as it is still in perfect shape.
Her blue water bucket
Towards the back of her paddock, she has a large area to walk around in. She rarely ever uses this, however. It is mostly just her poop spot.
Her poop spot
She has really great views of the pastures and wooded area from the side of her paddock. I don't know that she cares about the views, but I enjoy them.
Casey enjoying her views
The footing in her paddock is compacted gravel. This is good for Oregon because it doesn't get too wet although we do have to be really careful about picking out the horse's shoes.
Casey has been living in her paddock for about two weeks now and even though I wish she could be closer to Ava I can really see a change in Casey's work mentality. She is a lot more focused and tries harder. Also, she is able to get enough food to eat, which is important because Winter is Coming!

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