Monday, August 8, 2016

Bronco “E” Fly Spray Review

All horses hate flies, but most horses are able to still function when flies are around them. Well, not my horse. Casey hates flies and when they are swarming her she just quits life. She becomes irritable and throws temper tantrums. Luckily for me, I already knew what to get to fix her dilemma - Bronco "e" fly spray.
Annoying flies

Casey hates the flies
This stuff is awesome. It is cheap (I got my bottle for $7) and it is effective. When you spray your horse with this stuff you can be assured that no flies will be bothering them for a while.
I actually learned about this stuff from my old barn. It was the only fly spray that anyone there would use. At my current barn, a lot of people use SWAT, but I hate the stuff because it's like a lotion and it gets all over you, plus it is really hard to evenly distribute it across the horse.
Bronco "e" Fly Spray
I got a 32 oz spray bottle of the Bronco "e" fly spray with citronella scent. I know that citronella candles keep mosquitos away and so this fly spray is supposed to keep them away, but we don't really have a ton of mosquitos where I live so I don't care as much about that.
Casey is happy about this purchase
The bottle itself is very sturdy. I've never had one leak on me. The nozzle can be turned to different settings (like spray and off). The spray mechanism is very well-built and evenly coats the spray on the horse. At my old barn, there were 3 bottles of this stuff and when we ran out we would just fill the spray bottles with more fly spray from the big gallon jug. We rarely if ever had to replace the spray bottles.
Strong spray
As far as effectiveness, I sprayed Casey with it and immediately she was fly-free and happy. My experience is that the stuff lasts about half a day before it should be reapplied. If the flies are really bad then three times a day works better. I've never had a horse react badly to it and it really does the job.
Gotta spray everywhere!
I love this stuff. I think that it is the best fly spray and nothing else I've used really compares. But as much as I like it, I think that Casey might love it even more than me because finally she is fly-free!
She's much happier with her fly protection

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