Friday, August 5, 2016

Could this be love?

You guys, I think that my horse might actually like me. There have been signs accumulating over time leading me to come to this conclusion.
This photo was taken about two weeks after Casey and I had started working together. Jin was out at the barn taking photos and he captured the moment when Casey rested her head in my arm. I would consider this to be a horse cuddle, however, also recognize that you can cuddle someone you don't actually like. There is also the possibility that she was just tired because this photo was taken right after our ride.
Piece of evidence #1
Then, about a week later, I was taking photos of Casey's new paddock, when she came right up to me and stuck her face right in front of my camera. She is displaying interest in me and is paying attention to where I am and what I am doing.
Piece of evidence #2
The day that I bought Casey, we were taking photos to commemorate the occasion. At one point she rested her head on my shoulder. Coincidence? Or love?
Piece of evidence #3
Today I was free lunging Casey in the indoor arena. She was having a ball, rolling around, galloping around, looking outside, and just being a happy horse. Since Casey will literally keep running as long as I have a whip in my hand, after about 10 minutes I turned away from her and walked over to the wall so that I could put the whip away and Casey came trotting up behind me, following me!
Piece of evidence #4
After trotting up to me, Casey proceeded to be very cuddly. Resting her head in my hand, putting her head against my hand to ask for scratches. It was adorable.
After evaluating all of my pieces of evidence, I think that it is very likely that my horsie likes me. I don't know if she loves me yet, although I think I might love her already.
Piece of evidence #5
How did you know that your horse liked/loved you? How long did it take for your horse to like/love you? Are there any other signs that I should look for with Casey?

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