Monday, August 1, 2016

JP Korsteel Hunter Dee Snaffle Bit Review

To go with my new bridle, I had to get a bit.
Korsteel Hunter Dee Oval Link Bit
I've pretty much always used Dee ring snaffle bits when riding and so I knew that was what I wanted to get. I also knew that I wanted a double jointed snaffle rather than a single jointed because everything that I have read says that double jointed bits are kinder to the horse's mouth.
Casey is extremely picky about bits and is a very sensitive horse, so with that in mind, I was trying to go with a bit that she would accept. I ended up picking the JP Korsteel Hunter Dee - Copper Oval Link bit. I bought it from SmartPak for $39.99.
Bit & Bridle
I ordered a 5" bit because it is standard. It does fit Casey's mouth well. The bit also comes in 4 3/4" and 5 1/2". It is 12 mm thick.
There are many cool things about this bit in particular that made me pick it. The oval link in the center of the bit is made out of copper. Supposedly, copper makes horses salivate and this makes them more likely to accept the bit. I have no idea if there is actual scientific research to back this up or if it is pseudoscience, but Casey does seem to like this bit more than other bits. When I put her bridle on today she was smacking her mouth and playing with the bit. To me, this seems like a really good sign. She is also a lot less fussy in this bit than she was in the bit I was borrowing before.
Copper Oval Link
The bit also is curved so that it will better fit the horse's mouth. It is supposed to reduce tongue pinching and stop the bit from hitting the roof of the mouth. Again, I don't know if there is research to back this up, but in my experience, Casey does actually like this bit.
HP Curve - you can see how the bit is curved here
I really like this bit. It seems to be sturdy and well-made, it looks pretty (with that copper accent link), and my horse seems to like it. I can't think of any better praise for a bit than my finicky, sensitive mare accepting and liking it, but this bit passes the test!

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