Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Roma Competitor Series Boot Pack Review

I have to admit, I've been very burned out on writing product reviews and so I have been putting off writing this for about two weeks now. BUT I have decided that I really just need to write this review because I really do like this product and so I should share its magic with the rest of the blogging community
Casey modeling her new boots
Because Casey and I like to jump, but I also really am trying to avoid breaking my pony, I decided to buy her some jumping boots. My trainer recommended the brand Roma and said that their products are great, so with a quick check on Amazon, I bought Casey the Roma Competitor Open Front/Fetlock Boot Set. They cost me $57.92 on Amazon.
A sideview in motion
I ordered the boots in black because Casey is a bay mare and so black just goes with her natural coloration. As far as I can tell, these boots also come in navy and white. The navy is very bright for a navy and the white is obviously white, so I would think that these would get dirty really quickly. Even the black tends to get dusty really quickly. But these are also for protection and are close to the ground so you should just assume that if you use them they will get dirty.
The view from the back
I ordered the size full and they fit Casey perfectly. She is about average horse size (15.3 hands). On Amazon, there is only one size option, so if you have a horse with really thin or thick legs then you would have to buy these jumping boots from a different vender.
Since I ordered the boot set, it came with two open front boots and two fetlock boots (which is all you need). I like that they came a set because many companies sell them separately which drives up the price. Also, I like knowing that for sure all four of my boots will have the same design.
Open-front boots
Fetlock boots
The Roma jumping boots are made out of a strong PVC on the outside (so a very hard plastic) and the inside is lined with high-quality neoprene which makes the boots more comfortable for the horses and provides shock absorption. I have not noticed any rubs on Casey's legs after using these boots. Also, the boots do seem to mold to her leg very well. There aren't any gaps or tight spots which is important to me.
No rubbing
The boots have a cool shiny striped design over the matte PVC. The design is not visible from a distance, but up close makes these boots just a little bit more special.
Inside of open-front boots
Inside of fetlock boots
The straps are made out of a double-thick, heavy-duty elastic. It uses a double touch tape closure system, which means that the soft side of the Velcro is sandwiched between two strips of the scratchy side of the Velcro. This basically ensures that the straps are not going to come undone. The Velcro is very "sticky" to the point that it sometimes makes the boots hard to put on, but once they are on I don't have to worry about them "un-sticking."
Double touch tape closure system
A concern that many people have with jumping boots is that the use of them will make the horse's legs get overheated. I've ridden Casey while she wears these boots multiple times now and everytime I have checked her legs after. Although her legs are a little bit warmer than they would be without the boots on, it is just barely warmer. At this point, I am not concerned about her legs overheating. After I ride her I just hose down her legs (during the winter I will sponge them down) and she is fine.
They don't overheat Casey's legs
As I am sure you know, jumping boots are used to protect the horse's legs while they are jumping. The open front feature allows the horse to feel if they hit the poles but protects their legs from getting kicked by their back hooves. I think that I will be using jumping boots on Casey anytime I am jumping anything bigger than a cavaletti. She doesn't tend to step on herself, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. This is my personal opinion, however, and I know that many people have different opinions. My trainer doesn't use jumping boots on any of the lesson horses and they are all sound and happy. I just like the extra security that jumping boots provide.
Jumping with the jump boots
Overall, I really like these jumping boots. They were a really great price and they do everything that jumping boots should do. I will also point out that Casey had never really worn jumping boots before and it only took her 5 minutes to get used to them, so I'd say she likes them too!

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