Monday, January 16, 2017

DIY Detangler

Casey has a problem. Her problem is that her poor tail cannot handle the extremity of this winter. It is so dry and fragile that when I try to brush it huge chunks just break off into my hand. Now, I'm not vain and I really doubt that Casey cares about how beautiful her tail is, but I also don't want her to be tail-less and it this rate that's where we are headed, so I decided to do something about it.
Casey's sad, dry tail

I asked around at my barn what other people use to condition their horses tails during the winter. If we were in summer I would just apply conditioner and rinse it off, but it's too cold to get Casey wet. People at the barn told me to use detangler or fancy horse leave-in conditioner, but I thought that there had to be a cheaper option so I turned to the internet.

I found a recipe for detangler online. The recipe was 1/3 cup conditioner, 1/3 cup water, and 1/3 cup vinegar (either white or apple). I went to the dollar store to get some cheap conditioner (I got the Suave brand) and a spray bottle, then I went home and made it.

I used the whole bottle of conditioner and then just used that as my unit of measurement, so I followed the conditioner with a bottle full of water, and then a bottle full of white vinegar. Then I shook it all up and poured it into my spray bottles. I ended up with a spray bottle and a half of detangler (luckily I had a little spray bottle on hand). The total cost was only $2, since I had the vinegar already.
DIY Detangler

Doing a DIY project always can turn out wrong so I was very anxious to test my new hair product on Casey, so today I went to the barn and used the detangler in her mane and tail. It worked very well as a detangler, she had minimal hair loss and my brush was able to easily run through her thick tail. It made her mane and tail slightly shiny, but not too oily. My only concern was that it could dry with a residue, but I didn't notice any residue about an hour after application.
Tail before detangler
Tail after detangler
Mane after detangler

Overall, this was a super easy and cheap DIY. I saved myself at least $5-10. In addition, this stuff seems to work! Casey's tail is now conditioned and tangle-free and as an added bonus she now smells nice!
Forelock after detangler

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