Sunday, January 22, 2017

Welp, There's Another Vet Bill

Saturday was an interesting day. I was planning on just being at the barn for an hour or two, but when I went to look at Casey's wound I noticed that it was starting to look infected. It had started to ooze pus and beginning to smell (a clear sign of infection). After getting two more opinions that agreed with me, I had to call the vet.

I was annoyed that I had to call the vet, because I really don't want to shell out even more money on this same injury, but I know that infections can get bad fast if not dealt with right away.

The vet who came out is the same one who treated Casey's original injury, which was convenient, because he already knew the whole story. He took a look at it, determined that it needed a thorough cleaning, and so promptly sedated Casey. Once the sedation kicked in, he cleaned the wound with a betadine/water mixture. He said that the wound was just surface-level and isn't as bad as it looks. Essentially, her wound has a flap and so when she tried to get up too quickly, she probably just grazed her wound, but it caught the edge of the flap and so it reopened.

Eden was trying to check on his sister when she was majorly drugged
He also said that the wound was slightly infected, but nowhere near as bad as it was last time, so he gave me only 5 days worth of antibiotics and said to just treat it every day with Betadine. He also recommended that I used Tea-Pro on the wound to help it to heal faster, because if she reopened it once, odds are that it will happen again (unless we can get it to close faster). 

The good news? She's totally rideable! Vet said that as long as riding her doesn't reopen the wound, go right ahead! More specifically, he said that getting exercise is good for her, so he is openly encouraging me to keep on riding. I don't think I'll be doing anything too crazy (as in jumping) until the scab forms again, but we'll happily do flatwork for a while.

I'm glad that I had the vet come out, it was the responsible thing to do. I'm bummed that my horse has cost me almost $1000 in a month and a half, but maybe this will be our only injury of 2017? Fingers crossed!

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