Friday, January 20, 2017

Why Must You Maul Yourself So?

So after the roughest day at work yesterday, I went to the barn thinking that the only thing that could cheer me up would be riding my amazing horse. When I went to her paddock to fetch her, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. She seemed totally happy and fine and on her way to the indoor arena to be free-lunged, she was prancing about. When I free-lunged her she galloped back and forth, seemingly without a care in the world. And then I had to groom her... and I discovered that she had majorly reopened her wound from early December.

In early December, I came to the barn one day and discovered that Casey had gouged herself on something. The injury was on the upper back of her front left leg. The vet had to come out and give her crazy huge shots of antibiotics, and his verdict was that she had a 2 inch puncture wound that had been caused by a dull object. After much searching of her paddock, we found nothing and the farrier suggested that it might have been her own back hoof that did the damage.

The original injury from early December
The original injury from early December
Drugged Casey post-vet in December

The reopening of the wound is not nearly as bad as the original wound. It seems like she ripped off the scab and re-damaged the new tissue. It isn't a deep wound and there is not much swelling. Her behavior shows that she is obviously not feeling very hurt, but she also is going to be out of work for probably half the week.

The scabbed up wound from last week
The reopened wound from yesterday
The game plan is to treat it with Betadine twice per day until it scabs over again - to try to prevent infection. We didn't call the vet this time as the injury is much more minor and we caught it so early. The wound looked fresh, but wasn't bleeding, so my guess is she had re-injured it at most a few hours before I arrived at the barn. If it starts to look like it is becoming infected we will call the vet back out for more antibiotics.

She does not trust me getting near her wound because she HATES the Betadine
I'm super frustrated with the whole thing. We had literally only gotten back into regular work for a week and now she's out again with an injury. The only consolation is that this time it will only take about half a week to recover instead of a month. 

I talked with my trainer about what we can do to stop Casey from injuring herself and she said that she thinks the trigger is Casey not having the chance to get out. The first injury happened when I hadn't ridden her in two days and the temperature had majorly dropped. This injury happened when I hadn't ridden in two days as well. Our new plan is that on the days I know I won't be coming out my trainer will free-lunge Casey or throw her out in pasture. And on my end I already ride 5 days a week, but I will try to only skip 1 day at a time rather than 2. 

Since I couldn't ride yesterday, we just hung out together
Ideally, I would just be able to put Casey in turnout every day, but at my current barn that's just not a possibility. There are too many horses and not enough pastures. It is the biggest down-side of my barn, but the other factors make up for it so that's why I haven't left. I did ask my trainer if Casey can start going out into pasture more (at least an hour per day), but I'm not sure that its feasible. We will see, but I do think she needs to get more chances to run around.

Have you ever dealt with this type of injury? How did you treat it?

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