Wednesday, March 1, 2017

First Dressage Test Feedback

I got my dressage test score and feedback! I'm super surprised that I got feedback so quickly. The test was filmed on Sunday, video got posted late Sunday evening, and it was scored and returned by Wednesday afternoon. Impressive turn-around in my opinion!

We got a score of 58.91%. I really wasn't sure what that meant so I asked Trainer and she said that it was a good score for our first test. We got mostly 6s & 7s on each movement (a 6 means "Satisfactory" and a 7 means "Fairly Good" according to the key).

We received the lowest scores on the the free walk (we got a 4) and the transition between the medium walk to trot (we got a 5). Interestingly enough though, we also received the highest score in the free walk as well (our one and only 8!). I really don't know why we got two numbers for that one movement, and how that can be both my lowest and highest score, but whatever, I'm just happy we got an 8 on something!

Reading the comments was really humorous in my opinion, because my judge was so nice and was trying to put a positive spin on everything (even when it might have been hard to do at times). My favorite comments (as in the ones I find funny) are:

  • In response to Casey's giraffe mode; "stiff and poking nose on turn at B."
"poking nose"
  • In response to Casey jigging the entire free walk; "tense and jogging. Needs ... more relaxation of mind and body - not easy with such an active horse! When she does walk the strides are regular."
"not easy with such an active horse!"
  • In response to Casey not wanting to halt, "Head up and not still in halt so not really square. Pity!"
"not really square"
She ended the comments with, "Well done. So much to like and a promising partnership. Good luck." This was super sweet, and it might be the generic thing that she ends all of her comments with, but I appreciated it anyways.

Overall, the being judged part was really positive and it makes me want to try this whole thing again. Hopefully next time goes a tad better! In the meantime, I now have specific things that I know I need to work on and have a number to try to beat.

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  1. Not a generic comment--they often like to leave you with a semi-positive and hopefully helpful parting thought. I once saw the comment "rodeo" when a horse bucked through a movement. They are usually a bit sweeter at schooling shows, but they are not dishonest. Nice job!