Thursday, April 6, 2017

Please, please, please get sound!

On Tuesday, I went out to the barn with hope in my heart. I thought that after a full week off of work, perhaps my horse might be sound.

Trainer put Casey on the lunge line and then the horse exploded away. After a bit of wrangling, Trainer was able to get her normally trotting on the line. She looked slightly off at the trot, but as soon as Trainer asked for the canter it was immediately apparent that Casey was still lame. I don't know if it's my doom and gloom mentality about this topic, but to me she looked perhaps a little bit more lame now then she did a week ago.
Eden was not amused by my antics

It still looks to be a stifle issue, and looks like a soft tissue injury (which sucks), but we don't know what it is for sure. Trainer and I talked about our options and basically it came down to two. Either just give her a lot more time off in the hopes that she heals on her own, or have her checked out by the vet on Tuesday (because he was coming out that day anyways).
I'm hoping all of this time off doesn't make her gain a ton of weight

Although I am crying on the inside with the prospect of yet another vet bill (that whole mauling of her leg really dented my bank account), I feel like it is the moral, ethical, and responsible thing to do. Sure, I could just stick her out in pasture, but that isn't a targeted treatment plan, it might not work, and it means that Casey would just be in pain for an extended amount of time. If the vet checks her, he will be able to give her a proper treatment plan, we would know exactly what was wrong, and it means that she could potentially get better faster.
Our current treatment plan: lots of grazing time

In the meantime, I'm majorly reducing my amount of time at the barn this week. I can't ride my horse or really even let her out in the arena (because she just tries to take off) and so it feels a bit pointless to keep up my extreme schedule. I went out Tuesday, and will probably go out Friday, maybe Saturday, and definitely Friday. Normally I am out there 5 days a week, so this is a big difference to me. I'm using this time to be with all of the other people and animals I love. At least my dog is happy about this whole predicament!
He's literally smiling about getting to play with me at the park

Hopefully on Sunday Casey will magically become sound (or vastly improved) and I can just cancel the vet appointment, but even if I can't, at the bare minimum I will be able to know what is going on with her on Tuesday!

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