Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Recap of All The Chaos

My apologies that it's been so long since my last post. Life has been absolutely crazy for the past couple of weeks, so the blog got put on the back burner for a bit. I only have three more weeks until summer vacation and so am scrambling to get everything done before then. Plus, I keep getting more and more riding students since the weather is getting so nice. I love it, but also want to die.
A summer weather bonus - shiny summer coat reappearing!
On top of normal life things, both Casey and I have had weird injuries/illnesses that have been messing up our routine. I've had an off-and-on weird illness that combined painful breathing and nausea which got diagnosed yesterday as a mild case of pneumonia (most likely - doctor was a bit stumped honestly). I'm finally on antibiotics and hopefully will get better soon, but in the meantime have to take a bit of time off from the barn.
The only thing I asked my Trainer to do when I'm sick and can't come out - "Please let Casey out to roll"
Casey did something to herself and ended up with a huge scrape over her stifle, causing her to go dead lame in that leg for a solid week. Of course that happened the day before the vet came out to check on her leg that has the suspensory ligament injury... So instead of getting any feedback about that injury instead we had to look at the stupid scrape. Vet thinks that she probably slipped in her paddock. Such a stupid mare sometimes...
This scrape made her dead lame for a week
She also got this nice gem of a scrape on her face
The treatment plan for the scrape was to handwalk her for a week before resuming our prior physical therapy plan. This did not go well for me as it was more like a horrible game of lead rope tug-of-war rather than actually walking around the arena. She would buck, kick at me, try to take off, and do anything besides walk normally. It was awful, but eventually ended and we resumed our prior physical therapy plan.
Trying to avoid getting murdered by my horse
Don't believe her calm-looking face, she was evil
We also did a lot of hosing of the scrape
Would you want to handwalk this hell-demon?
At this point, Casey and I have progressed past the 10-5-10 plan and now have upped the trot to 7 minutes. This seems to be going well. Casey's not taking any more OMG-the-horse-is-falling-out-from-under-me steps and seems to be mostly sound. The only sign of her injury is that she is stiffer than normal and doesn't seem as willing to step underneath herself. This next week we will hopefully be upping the trot to 10 minutes in a day, but since I'm currently couch-ridden and on crazy drugs I don't know if that will actually happen.
Uninjured back leg extension
Injured back leg extended. Can you see the difference?
Vet will be coming out again on June 5th and so at that point he will finally be able to evaluate her injured leg (knock on literally all wood surfaces here in the hopes that mare won't find some new way to maul herself before then). I'm hoping that he says we can up our work to 10-15-10 and start to incorporate some canter work into our rides. There is also the potential that he will inject Casey's hocks at that point. Right now I have her on Polyglycan which is an inject-able joint supplement, but she's had her hocks injected before and so I'm thinking I'd rather do that, seeing as it is a more targeted treatment.
She's looking happier now!
I'll do a better job at keeping up with this blog, I promise! Luckily, my life should theoretically mellow out now and my hobbies will get a lot more of my attention and time :)
Life has to mellow out so I can spend more time with this ditzy mare!

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