Saturday, May 27, 2017

Oh Casey

So this title, much like my interactions with my horse today, can be read in two ways. The first way is a tone of disappointment, as in "Oh Casey..." The second way is a tone of excitement, "Oh Casey!"
I love her, but she drives me crazy
This morning I was feeling incredibly bored. I've been stuck at home because of my illness for the past three days and was itching to go to the barn. So before my husband could wake up to dissuade me, I got dressed and headed out to see my horse.
Yay! We got to see each other finally!
I tell people that I can't leave my horse alone for more than a day, and there's a reason for that. Every single time I miss more than one day in a row of going out to the barn, Casey injures herself. It's like clockwork. When I arrived, I pulled her out of her paddock, let her roll in the arena quickly, and then examined her for the injury I suspected existed. I was right. She had re-sliced open her front leg with her back hoof. Luckily at this point I'm a pro at treating this particular injury, so I filled a bucket with a mixture of betadine and water and sponged off the wound. It was a clean slice. Not too deep and not really swollen, so I wasn't super worried about it. I mean, it sucks, I'm sure it is painful, but I've dealt with this a bunch of times at this point and know when I need to call the vet and when it just needs time to heal. This was a just-needs-time kind of injury so I decided to ride anyways and just see how she was.
The wound
And boy oh boy was I glad I made the call to ride. For the first time since her suspensory ligament injury occurred, Casey felt sound at the trot. Her strides were long and even on both sides, she was relaxed and listening to me, and she just felt fabulous. It's such a relief to feel such a difference in her movement, because for a while there it seemed like there was no change at all.
Sound at the trot! Light off fireworks and break out champagne!

We did 10-7-10, with a little bit of a walk break within the 7 minutes of trotting. During our walk work I was having Casey focus on leg yielding and bending in a circle. She's really getting the hang of this whole leg yielding thing. I give her a nudge with my foot and she moves right off it. Crazy how that works, huh? I'd like to eventually start incorporating leg yielding into our trot work, but right now we aren't trotting for long enough to really get into that.
Walk work
Trot work just makes for better photos
Our trot work consisted of mostly keeping the trot balanced and not letting Casey get rush-y. We did some bending circles, but still can't do a lot of circling (until vet clears it). At one point Casey indicated that she wanted to go into the canter and I was oh-so-tempted, but didn't let her as the vet hasn't approved that yet either (although he probably would have if not for the unfortunate scrape which messed up the last vet visit).
Stepping under herself more
Bending a tad at the trot
Casey really felt fabulous. I think that tomorrow we will bump up to 10-10-10 and I will see how she does with that.
She was feeling great
After the ride I tried to get Casey to eat some watermelon (because I have a bunch in my fridge right now), and she was not having it. She wouldn't even nibble it! So I ended up just giving her horse cookies and eating the watermelon myself. Then I sprayed down her wound with some Tea-Pro and put her "jammies" (the blue ridiculous Sleezy/leg-wrap combo I made) so that she wouldn't reopen her cut. Oh horses...
Casey vs watermelon
What do you think about this bonnet color? I really can't decide...


  1. My last horse adored watermelon!

    1. Casey is kind of iffy about it. She tried it, but only ate about half of one cube. She's super picky! It's an endless trial trying to find things she'll like.