Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Yesterday I went out to hack Casey, and to be honest, I'm started to get stressed about her healing process. We are now a month and a half into the recovery process, and it seems like the first 3-4 weeks there were massive improvements, but now we are plateauing.
I have so many walking photos now...

I'm a nerd and so made a line graph to show the progress of her leg. She really improved in the first two weeks being on paddock rest. Then 3rd & 4th weeks we were able to walk for 30 minutes at a time and she was starting to feel like she was getting back to normal. At the beginning of Week 5, she decided to be stupid and rear and throw a temper tantrum, making her much more lame again and since then she has been improving, but much more slowly.

Right now we are in the 10-5-10 routine (10 minutes walking, 5 minutes trotting, 10 minutes walking) and it seems like some days she's ok-ish, but other days, like yesterday, she feels pretty lame. She will take these really awkward steps where her back end seems to collapse a bit and then it takes a few strides to recover. I'm not sure if this is due to her being on Ace, if it is due to her being so on the forehand (since we can't circle, I'm having trouble correcting this), or if it is due to her leg hurting her. Or it could be a combination of all of these factors.
More walking..

At this point, we only have a few days until the vet comes back out for a re-check and I'm really worried about what he might say. I'm not really sure what is the right level of healing for the amount of time that has passed. Casey is still obviously injured, which makes me think that maybe she's not healing fast or well enough. If she's not doing well enough then I'm worried we'll have to backtrack in her physical therapy plan. Ugh, it makes me really worried, but there is nothing that I or anybody else can do about it. I'm stressing big-time...
She's looking really cute, albeit a tad chubby

On the plus side, all of this physical therapy time means that Casey is now awesome at leg yielding, listening to voice commands, bending, and responding to super light rein pressure. Maybe all of this will carry over into the trot and canter (once we are able to do that again)?
Snuggles with my girl
She tried Twizzlers. Was not a fan.

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