Friday, August 25, 2017

Show Name! Show Colors?

After owning my horse for a year, I've finally come up with her show name. To be fair, the pressure to come up with a show name essentially disappeared when she got injured, because I knew it would be a while before I could show. No matter, she has one now!
One year and I think she only puts up with me
My problem in coming up with a show name for Casey was that I wanted the show name to have a connection to her barn name. But Casey gave me very few leads. The name Casey is generally believed to be Irish/Gaelic in origin. It's supposed to mean either "vigilant/watchful" or "brave." There wasn't really much to go on from that, because I didn't really like any of those words or ideas.

My next train of thought was Casey could be abbreviated to "case," and then I fell down a rabbit hole of trying to think of things that I could make out of "case." I got my blog name from this - Case of Addiction, but I was reluctant to give that name to Casey because there can be negative connotations with the word "addiction." For a blog it works because I am addicted to horses, but Casey isn't really addicted to anything.
Only addicted to horse cookies
I was stuck on "case" for a couple of months, and then I started thinking about other languages. I'm fluent in Spanish and realized that the Spanish word "casi," meaning almost, kind of sounds like Casey (but with a Spanish accent). This was something that I could work with! My first idea was "Casi Gratis," meaning almost free, because Casey only cost me a dollar. After ruminating on that name for a few weeks I decided I didn't like it because it didn't flow off the tongue, plus Casey is actually valuable to me.
Yeah, there's no way she would be free to anyone else now
Towards the beginning of summer I came up with two possibilities that I felt pretty good about, "Casi en Alza" (trans. "almost soaring") and "Casi Volando" (trans. "almost flying). Sound-wise, I think that "Casi en Alza" sounds more feminine and "Casi Volando" sounds more masculine BUT I think that "Casi Volando" flows better and might be a tad easier to say. Also the translation of "Casi en Alza" is a bit awkward because it literally would translate to "almost in rise."

This week I finally made my decision and landed on "Casi Volando." I like how it connects to her barn name & that it relates to jumping/flying. I also kind of love that it is a Spanish name, because I learned how to ride & jump in Paraguay, a Spanish-speaking country, so it feels like an ode to my riding beginnings. I'm a tad worried about how much announcers will butcher it, but if I love it, then surely it is good enough!
Casi Volando
Now that I have decided on a show name for Casey, the next thing I'm going to decide on are our show colors. When we finally show (probably next summer if all goes well), we will be showing in the jumpers and so I have a lot of freedom in terms of what we will wear. I don't own a show coat yet, so  I can also pair that with Casey's show colors (I don't need a show coat for jumpers, but will probably get one anyways as I might want to wear it and could show in the hunters maybe too).

Right now I have three color combos that I am really digging:

  • Hunter green with gold accents
  • Navy with silver accents
  • Navy with baby blue accents
Casey in blue
I know from experience that Casey looks amazing in Hunter Green. It is definitely her color. My hesitation for that color combo though is that it is an "in" color right now that lots of people are using, and I live in Oregon so green/yellow is associated with the Oregon Ducks (which no offense to them,  I don't need any more Duck stuff in my life).
Casey in Hunter Green
Navy might be the more practical option, as navy will never fall out of fashion. Plus blue is my favorite color, so I might go that way instead. In which case, which pairs better with navy? Silver or baby blue? Decisions, decisions.
I own no navy saddle pads, but this royal blue one looks great on Casey
The other option is that I could have two sets of show colors and alternate between them. In which case, I should probably make the accent color grey so that way I could get a grey show coat and just alternate between saddle pads & bonnets for Casey.
But the green is so pretty...
Does anybody else struggle with deciding on these things? Any input?


  1. Announcers will butcher everything. My first horse had a spanish name and I was surprised that it was butchered since its definitely an elementary spanish word and we live and show in California. My own name gets butchered a ton at smaller shows.

    1. That's annoying. I have a tough name so mine will probably be destroyed to... Oh well, at least I know what it's supposed to be.