Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mondoni Kingston Field Boots Review

When I bought my black field boots last year I absolutely fell in love with riding in tall boots. It feels so much more secure to me than riding in paddock boots and half chaps, and I like the aesthetic much more as well. As much as I liked riding in them, I worried about it because my black boots are made out of a softer leather and I bought them for showing. It would really suck to wear out my show boots before I ever got the chance to show. So I started to consider my options and in the process fell in love with the look of brown boots. I think that they look so classic and the idea of having tall boots in brown and black really appealed to my matchy-matchy loving personality.
Mondoni Logo
And so began the hunt for the perfect brown boots. It was difficult, because there are really not that many options. Ariat has a pair, but they were very red looking online and so I wasn't a huge fan. Mountain Horse has a pair, and I did love them, but not enough to commit to the price tag. I wanted brown boots to be my schooling boots and so I couldn't justify spending a bunch of money on that. Finally though I discovered the perfect pair of boots through one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda at the $900 Facebook pony (read her review here). Then I found out that they were on crazy sale... so of course I bought them!
Mondoni Kingston Boots
I ended up buying the Mondoni Kingston Tallboots in brown. Mondini is the house brand for the Dutch company Divosa and beside the one blogger review that I read, I'd never heard of the company before. They have awesome things, most of which are European that I'd never seen before. They also seem to have really awesome sales and great deals throughout the year. Darn Europeans get all the cool horse stuff...
Mondoni Kingston Field Boots
The Kingston boots are leather tall (field) boots. The leather is thicker than that of my black boots, but it seems to be really decent in quality. I've been wearing them and riding in them five days per week for a couple of months now and they've softened a bit with age, just enough to make them comfortable. I suspect that the thicker leather will make them last a bit longer, which is great because I want them for daily riding.
Brown field boots
The boots are primary a dark brown which has slightly darkened with conditioning. I love the color, because it's super rich, but not too red. The inner side of the boots actually have a black patch of leather, which isn't visible when riding, but is a really cool stylistic touch. Other nice touches on the boots are the snap backs to protect the zippers and the laces which have the perfect amount of stretch.
Mondoni Kingston snap back detail
Mondoni Kingston black leather panel
Mondoni Kingston lace details
I love the lines of the boots. The toes are slightly square in shape, which make them look a bit modern. The tops are Spanish-cut (meaning they are higher on the outside of the leg), which makes my legs look really long and will keep the boots from looking too short as they drop. There aren't any flourishes on the boot (no fancy etching or stitching), but the simple look works for me. Again, I want these for schooling, not showing (although I could totally show in these, I just already own show boots).
Square top design
In terms of sizing, these boots run true to size. Since they are Dutch, the sizing is in European sizes, so I ordered a size 39R (US size 8). My feet have enough room that I can wear thin and thicker socks and still be able to shove my foot in there, but I'm also not slipping around. They only have two choices for calf size, regular and wide. I ordered regular (my other tall boots are slim). I think that they are a little bit loose on my calf, but since the leather is a bit stiffer, it's fine. They'll probably drop more than my other boots which fit snugger, but it's ok for schooling. The calf does have a stretch panel, which slightly will increase the range of calf size that these boots can accommodate. 
Brown field boots pair perfectly with bay mare
Perhaps my only complaint with these boots is the fact that they only come in one height. To me, these is an oversight on the part of the company, because height matters so much in tall boots. Luckily enough for me, I can work with the height. They started off much too tall for me, and breaking them in sucked as a result, but at this point (after 4 months of breaking them in), they are the perfect height. Hint for breaking in much too tall boots: apply lots of leather conditioner around the ankle, both inside and outside. It'll help them drop faster so that you don't get stabbed behind the knee.
This was right when they started to drop, but they were still a bit too tall at this point
Price-wise, I got these boots for a steal. The boots only cost me 90.91, but their list price is 199.00. Right now they are available for 110.00, but only seem to have one size available. The shipping cost almost as much as the boots at  75.00. That was a bit rough to pay, but overall I only spent about $160.00 for my boots & their shipping to the US (note: this was the price at the time due to the exchange rate, I have no idea what the exchange rate currently is). Considering that the cheapest pair of brown boots that I could find in the US were $350, I got a great deal. These boots were totally worth the price I paid, and easily are worth double that.
Mondoni Kingston field boots
Since these boots were in Europe, I was not expecting shipping to be easy or fast, but I ended up being proven wrong! I ordered the boots on a Friday, the company shipped the boots on Monday, and the boots ended up arriving at my house on that next Friday. That means it only took a week to get them after ordering! I've ordered from US-based equestrian companies and had to wait longer than that for shipping.
I love this photo. The slobber really adds to the classiness, don't you think?
Overall, I really do love my boots. I get compliments on them frequently by my barn mates and I personally love the look of them. They are simple, but with enough interesting touches to keep them from being boring. It's super fun to own a pair of tall brown boots because it opens up the door for even more outfit choices. Also, these boots are tough and still look brand-new after an entire summer of me wearing them almost daily. They are comfortable and provide plenty of support for my leg. I got them for an amazing deal, but I really do think that these boots rival all of the more expensive brown boots that I've seen available in the US.
This was the awkward phase of the leather breaking in. The left boot no longer has that crease at the top of the boot.
As much as I love my boots, and would love for other people to buy them as well, I'm honestly not sure if they are being discontinued. They've been on sale for quite a while and currently the Divosa website says that they have limited stock of these boots. It's possible that they could get more, but just in case that doesn't happen, to prevent people from being sad, I looked around their website for an alternate boot and found the Mondini Kendal Riding Boot. It is available in both black and brown and looks so close to the Kingston, that I suspect it is a remodeling of that boot. I haven't ever seen the Kendal boot in person, but my guess is that it is just as awesome as the Kingston and that it would be worth to risk to try.
I love my boots!


  1. i loved my kingstons and wore them daily in schooling (and shows!) for years! they eventually succumbed to the heavy usage, but i would have absolutely bought again had they still been available in my size! glad you like yours! it's funny that they're a little too tall for you bc they were always a little too short for me. you might find that they are more comfortable with the addition of a heel lift insert to give you that extra bit of clearance

    1. By now they've broken in so I don't need a heel lift insert, but in the process of breaking them in I almost bought some.

      How long did your Kingstons last? What did you buy after?