Friday, September 8, 2017

Well it only took 5 months...

Casey was meant to have a vet check a week ago, but the vet ended up being called away on an emergency, so it got postponed for a week... it was not the best week in horsey-land for Casey and I. The biggest problem was that Casey did something to her left hind leg (that same cursed leg with the suspensory injury). It got really stocked up on the fetlock joint and there were scrapes on it.
Me? Do a stupid thing? NEVER!
My best guess is that she got pissed and sad because BFF horse Ava went away for a horse show and started angrily kicking at things & either kicked something that hurt her, or kicked her own self. Either way, she did something stupid. It seemed to me like it was a minor injury & she was able to work out of her stiff movements, but I didn't want to push her just in case it was something more major. Also all of Oregon is currently burning down and this last week we literally were living in a smoke-cloud, so I really didn't want either of us to be outside & exercising.
I am adorable, but often filled with rage
Today was the vet check and I unfortunately was unable to be there (first week back at work and all). I was a giant ball of stress, both about the suspensory injury & about her new annoying fetlock joint inflammation, but halfway through my work day I got a text from my trainer saying, "Casey looks great, ligament all healed, not concerned about the edema, says it's just related to the couple of cuts on her leg, should go down with work." Basically the best news ever! I responded, "yay yay yay!!!" because I was dying from excitement.
So excited!!!
After work I rushed to the barn to get more deets and this is what I learned:

  • Casey had a clean ultrasound on her leg - meaning the suspensory ligament injury is completely healed!
  • Vet was not at all concerned about her stocked up fetlock joint.
  • She apparently was moving amazingly for the lameness check.
  • We are going back to regular work! We have to build up to what we were at (especially since the smoke has done lung damage to all of us), but no longer are really worried about re-injury. I had to e-mail Vet to ask for more details about the exercise plan he wants us on, but I know that for now he says 10 mins walk, 15 mins trot, 5 mins canter, 10 mins walk for a couple of weeks and then we'll bump up the amount of trot & canter and start incorporating pole work again. I don't know the details after that so will update when I hear back from Vet. Vet is really cautious about his exercise plans, but since we have the clean ultrasound we don't have to be so worried about everything & it's just about building back strength (because that leg is just weaker than the other right now).
Hind leg closest is the stocked-up one
In addition to all of that stuff, it was also the vet visit for all of Casey's annual care. She got her vaccinations and her teeth floated, which apparently she needed because she was getting a sore from a sharp point on a molar.
So happy to roll
I'm so excited & relieved to get this news. I can't wait until we are back into jumping (although my guess is it'll be a full month before we even get to crossrails on the Vet's plan). Yay yay yay!!! 
Casey is so excited about the ultrasound results as well!


  1. Casey looks like she's smiling in the last photo. 👍🏻

    1. Because she is! I've been trying to train her how to "smile." It's definitely a work in progress though.