Saturday, October 14, 2017

What Do Horses Cost? Everything.

Somewhere on my roaming of the Internet I stumbled across a blog post in which someone commented on the meme saying, "What do horses cost? Everything." At the moment I thought it was cute and funny, and I moved on, which I why I can't cite my source right now... Hopefully I'll either remember or a very helpful person might leave a comment as to where I might have seen it.
All photos were taken by Kyla Page (my amazing sister)
Even though at the moment I just glanced it over and moved on, it must have lingered in the back of my mind, because as I went through photos of Casey and I together today, that's the one thought that kept popping up in my mind. That Casey really has cost me everything, but that she has also given me everything in return. So I thought I'd write about it, just an "I really appreciate my horse" post to go along with the amazing photos that my fabulous sister took for me today.
What does my horse cost me?

What has Casey cost me?

All the money. So much money. It makes me want to cry when I think about the amount of money that I spent on vet bills for her suspensory injury. My method of coping is to just not calculate how much money that really is. Just live in denial, charge it to the credit card, and make monthly payments. Thank goodness I almost am done paying it all off.
Just don't think about vet bills, just enjoy the ride
So much time. This is another area where calculating this might make me burst into tears. I am at the barn six days a week. Some days I am relatively quick and can get in and out in under two hours, but the average is probably closer to three and on the long days it can be up to eight. I work at my barn part time to support my horse habit by lowering the cost of board and so that is why time is a killer for me as well.
Gotta spend all of the time with this silly beast
Blood, sweat, and tears? Yep, she'll take that too. Thankfully Casey hasn't made me bleed a ton, just minor scrapes and the occasionally gnarly bruise. She also hasn't made me cry too much, just keep avoiding calculating things and I can mostly keep tears in check. She has taken all of the sweat though. The amount of work I've put into her training is crazy to think about. I've done all of her re-training entirely on my own, using the advice of others, but doing all of the physical work myself.
You can't see it, but believe me, blood, sweat, and tears have been shed

What has Casey given me?

Confidence in myself. Working with Casey, a horse who is difficult most of the time, has shown me that I really do have a good skill set. I'm by no means a pro, but I am a decent rider and horse person. I know how to handle myself around horses, even when they are having bad days. The confidence that she's given me not only applies to life at the barn, but it definitely applies to my work life. I don't talk about it much here, but I teach 7th graders as my real life job. After dealing with a crazed, angry, thousand-pound animal, 7th graders don't scare me. And let me tell you, having confidence when dealing with a room of students is key.
Owning a Thoroughbred = instant confidence boost
A sense of calm. Again, not something that I mention here all the time, but I am a super anxious person. Like anxious to the point that I could probably get diagnosed with something, but doctors and the medical field also make me stressed, so instead I just cope with it on my own. When I'm with Casey, all of the anxiety melts away. Even when she is being a turd, I am never stressed around her. I'll be a ball of buzzing anxiety after a long day, but when I'm at the barn it all vanishes. Casey gets me to live in the moment and appreciate what I have.
The center of my universe
Knowledge and skills. Because Casey is not an easy horse, she constantly keeps me on my toes. She's a great teacher and from working with her I have learned so much about horses, horsemanship, and riding. This is where her opinionated nature is really a blessing in disguise. She always lets me know if I'm doing something "wrong" and so I am able to correct myself. I've learned more from riding Casey in a year than I've learned in all of my other years of riding combined.
The best riding instructor ever
All of the love. Casey is not the most affectionate horse in the universe. She likes most people, but for the most part she just keeps to herself. That being said, she shows me daily that she does love me. Some people might think that horses don't love their owners, but I solidly disagree. Casey shows me love by letting me give her long hugs (sometimes even "hugging" me back by wrapping her neck around me). By giving me nickers sometimes when she sees me walk out. By coming when I call and following me around like a puppy dog. By the look in her eye when she watches me. I have no doubt that my horse loves me as much as I love her.
Gotta cuddle during the photo shoot
So yeah, my horse does cost everything. But it's so worth it.
My horse is my life <3


  1. Great post! Horses really do cost everything but at the end of the day, time spent with them, money spent on them, is worth every penny and yet absolutely priceless.

    1. So true. I never regret owning my horse and think my life would be pretty empty without her.

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