Friday, January 19, 2018

The "I'm a Bad Blogger" Update

You know, you would think that I would eventually figure out that dropping the blog from my routine only ever bites me in the butt, but I've yet to learn that lesson. As much as I love blogging, when my life becomes intense and stressful, it is the easiest thing for me to abandon. After all, I'm doing this solely for myself and so nobody will "get mad" at me if I don't keep up. The problem with this theory is that I get mad at myself for it! I love the routine of writing, but when I haven't written in a while I tend to get stuck and overwhelming with how much I feel I need to catch up on. So this is the very "bad blogger" update on what has been going on in my life so that I can feel ok with writing my own random posts again.

Update on my personal life

I never really go into tons of personal details here, but what I can tell you is that my job has been great, but super busy. I've been feeling a bit anxious about not being able to work enough to get ahead, but that's pretty typical for this time of year. Overall, even with the stress, I'm really enjoying my job this year. I feel like I'm starting to figure out how to teach and love how creative I can choose to be. I also really do enjoy my students this year. When I got back from winter break they were all so excited to see me again and I was so happy to see them as well. It's pretty cute :)

Over winter break I got to go to Korea to see the in-laws, which was an adventure in many ways. I also managed to get the worst flu of my life while there, meaning I got to have a super high fever on the 12 hour flight back to the US. Definitely not the best flight of my life.
My in-laws

My favorite place in Korea - MyeongDong!

And perhaps the most interesting part of the trip, meeting all of the extended family and participating in a welcome-to-the-family sort of ceremony. Here I am getting chestnuts thrown at me by a relative. My job was to catch them to determine how many kids my husband and I will have.

And my husband and I are currently house-hunting! Which makes me so excited and makes me want to cry with frustration all at the same time. We're obviously just getting started in our life together and so have a limited budget, meaning in a competitive market it's going to be a little bit of a struggle to find what we want. Even though the competitiveness stresses me out, it is kind of fun to get to try to figure out what we want our home together to be. Adulting is simultaneous the best and worst thing in my life. 

Update on the barn

Barn life is going well. I'm still doing the night-time feeding and am teaching lessons. Right now I have five regular riding clients, which I think might be the perfect number. 

Other than that, the lesson horse that I use most regularly, Willow, the Norwegian Fjord, has been an absolute terror lately. Though she is normally bomb-proof, she's had three melt-downs in the past month. She has 1. Freaked out by gusting wind to the point that she tried to run me over, 2. Decided that she no longer wanted to be a mellow lesson horse, and instead bronco-bucked/galloped with a child on her back, and 3. Freaked out by other horses running to the point that she tried to run me over. Basically lots of trying to run me over. Thank goodness she is a small horse and I have lots of experience with my giant horse trying to run me over, because I can handle it, but it's very annoying that she can't keep her little brain together.
The normally bomb-proof Willow. Why are you being so bad now!

Update on the horse

Casey managed to get most of the month of December off (thus no posts). In the first half of the month, she somehow managed to give herself a giant swollen bruise on her belly, right where the girth goes. It didn't seem to bother her at all and the swelling did slowly reduce, but I didn't feel comfortable riding her when I knew that the girth would rub that area. I did ride her two times when I thought that the swelling had gone down enough, but both times after riding I'd notice that a hard lump had formed next to the girth. It just wasn't worth riding when I was stressing about it, so she had the time off (it's totally gone now).

The second half of December I was gone in Korea and so Casey did not get ridden at all. My trainer made a tiny little pasture for Casey that connects to her paddock and so she had lots of space to move around and get some exercise, but overall she didn't do much of anything. I think Trainer honestly just didn't have the time to do anything extra with Casey, because all of her normal help was gone over the break (myself included). Plus there's that whole thing of the last time she tried leading Casey, my horse was an a** and tried to rear and run her over... 
"Me? A jerk? Never!"
Since Casey had so much time off, when I got back from my trip we were stuck in the position of needing to rebuild fitness... again... Thankfully she is very typical Thoroughbred in that she regains fitness extraordinarily quickly and so after two weeks of some intense flat-work, we are now back to where we were before the break (hour long flat rides, jumping tiny cross-rails). 
Working on trot poles
Besides losing fitness over her break, Casey managed to develop quite an ego. The first week after I got back from my trip, she was the worst she's probably ever been in terms of behavior. She was pushy on the ground, was nippy with treats, and tried to buck me off every single ride when I asked for the canter. Several beatings later, she is now back to her good-natured self and knows to be respectful. It was my first time being away from her for such a long time and I think she thought she was living the good retired life. It was a harsh awakening for her when I got back and all of the sudden she had rules again. 
This is the face she gave me after our first ride post-vacay

Now that we're back to regular behavior and regular fitness, Casey and I are just working on building back up to proper jumping again. We're taking a jump lesson every week as a kind of check-in with my Trainer to determine what rate we should move at in terms of increasing workout intensity. It's really nice to be back in regular lessons again, although honestly when the jumps are just cross-rails I don't think I get enough out of it. It is super helpful to get my Trainer's advice about how much to push Casey though, as my biggest concern is pushing her too hard too fast and getting a reinjury.

In terms of the blog, I'm hoping to get back into my regular routine of posting once or twice a week. So expect to hear more from me soon! Look forward to: my goals for 2018, the cost of Casey in 2017, and some more riding recaps!
And lots more photos of the beast

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  1. Sounds like Korea was a great trip (minus getting sick) It's one of the places I hope to go in the future!