Tuesday, February 7, 2017

SleekEZ Grooming Tool Review

I don't know about the rest of you, but my horse is shedding like crazy. Even though we are still technically in winter, and it is still freezing cold, and all of the other horses are holding onto their winter coats for dear life, my mare is done with winter and her winter coat.

Literally every single day I go out to the barn and have to spend at least half an hour currying her to try to get all of the loosened hair off. It's terribly frustrating, especially because nobody else seems to be dealing with this yet. In my frustration, I turned to the internet to see what options there were to make all of this shedding much easier. I found many reviews for a grooming tool called SleekEZ and decided on a whim to purchase one.

My SleekEZ

I purchased my SleekEZ from Amazon, because free 2-day shipping. 

There are three different sizes of the tool, 2.5 inches (which retails for $13), 5 inches (for $16) and 10 inches (for $20). I honestly didn't know which size to go with so I went with the medium size, 5 inches. I think that this was probably the best bet, because it is big enough to cover large areas in a short amount of time, but small enough that I can get to the nooks and crannies fairly easily. I think that the 2.5 inches would take much too long to groom with and the 10 inches would be really unwieldy (although the 10 inches is the recommended size for horses so what do I know...).

The SleekEZ is made out of poplar wood and a metal blade. The wood is the handle and honestly is probably my only complaint, because I have little hands and the wood is just a little bit too wide for me to comfortably hold. I wish that it were just a tad narrower. That being said, I am still able to use it, so it's not reason enough to not buy the product. The wood is also water-proofed so it should stand up to years of use even in rainy Oregon.

The SleekEZ is really great for grooming, because it gets SO much hair off in each swipe. It is exponentially better at hair removal than all of my other grooming tools (rubber curries, metal curries, etc). The magic of the SleekEZ, I think, comes down to its metal blade. It sort of looks like a saw with short teeth, but rather than all of the teeth facing straight up, they are very slightly angled so that about every couple of centimeters the teeth point very slightly in different directions.

The metal blade

The recommended use of the SleekEZ is to use it first on the horse and then follow it with a soft horse brush. I use the SleekEZ and then I follow it with a rubber curry on all of the areas that I won't go over with metal (so legs, face, spine, anyplace that is bony essentially), and then I follow that with a soft brush. I am now using it daily and will do so until major shedding is over (and probably after).

The SleekEZ was designed by an equestrian, so probably had horses in mind in its creation, but also is usable on cats and dogs. Obviously, if you wanted to use it on smaller animals you would want to go with the smaller size. I personally own a horse, a dog, and a cat, but I'm only using my SleekEZ on my horse so I can't vouch for its use on other animals. I would assume that it would function similarly though. 

Another angle of the product

Other last notes about the SleekEZ are that it is made in the USA (so if you like supporting American companies it has that going for it). Also it has a lifetime warranty, so if you buy a SleekEZ and it dies then theoretically they will replace it for you. Other users say that using the SleekEZ regularly makes their horse's coats very shiny, and although I've not been using it for very long, I can see how that would be true, because it takes everything off the horse, all of the dead hair, and sweat, and dirt.

Super efficient at getting all this hair off!

Overall, I definitely recommend this product. It makes grooming much faster during this awful shedding season and is a really solid product. I've also been showing it off to my barn-mates and they all think it's really cool as well! 

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