Monday, February 27, 2017

Well, We Tried?

Yesterday was the dressage test day. Everyone on our dressage team for Dressage Anywhere met up and filmed our tests. And it was rough on Casey and I...

The day started off with things going not quite right for Casey and I. In the cross-ties was was being a butt; stomping her hooves, pretending like she was going to kick, really unusual behavior for her. When we were trying to warm up in the arena she continued her bratty behavior; trying to bite ponies, pinning her ears at everybody, and acting super spooky at literally nothing. This is surprising because Casey almost never spooks. She doesn't like dogs running towards her, but shadows and random objects? Normally no problem! Yesterday, however, was a different story and everything was terrifying.

Eventually I just gave up on the idea of warming up, because rather than calming down, Casey just seemed to be getting more and more worked up. I decided to just let her stand and observe, hoping that would chill her out. But that didn't work either...

At this point I was feeling like there was really no point in filming our test, but since I had driven out and put effort in already I decided to just suck it up and try. Our first attempt was pretty awful. She was still being spooky, was not working with me at all, and in the middle of our test the barn dog ran out from the side of the arena (remember how I said she spooks at dogs?). It was a hot mess. There were some nice-ish moments, the stretchy trot in particular, but overall it was horrid.
Pretty sure this isn't a dressage move...
Goodish stretch trot
Cantering wasn't a part of the test, but canter we did
Even though we dd a bad job, pony still gets pats and love
Since I had to try again, Casey and I had to wait for everyone else to get their first tests filmed. In the meantime though the weather became insane, there was rain, there was snow, there was crazy strong winds... really not the most ideal conditions. Eventually it was our turn again and we did our second attempt.

This time it went a tad better... she listened a little bit more, but still overall was being really hard to work with. We struggled with the free walk (Casey was jigging almost the whole time) so we will get slammed on our score for that movement, and overall she (and I) were too tense and just not in sync.
It doesn't look as bad in screenshots
Medium trot
More trotting
Working on the diagonal line
We still had head-tossing,but at least her head is slightly lower?
After our second attempt, I called it quits, knowing it really wasn't going to get any better than that knowing the conditions, and decided to send in that video for scoring. I know that I won't receive a good score on it, but Trainer said that at least it gives us a starting point so that we can track our improvement.

I'm really frustrated with the whole thing, because I know that we can do a million times better. We have done that test a million times better. But that day was just not our day. I don't know what came over Casey, whether it was the crazy weather, or just the different environment, but she's never been so hard to ride. It's especially disappointing because she has been so great to ride lately. I'm trying not to be so tough on us, but I wish that we had done better. It's hard for me to even watch the videos because all I am seeing are our flaws.

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

I don't want to end of such a bad note, so here's the good in this. Our first dressage test is done! We will never have to do that again! Even though the situation was not ideal, Casey and I did work together to get through it and we did improve from the first test to the second test. Also, this situation was informative, because it showed us what we need to work on. We really need to work on riding in situations that are a little bit more hectic. I always try to ride when the barn is quiet, but maybe I should try to ride at times when it is busier to help Casey get used to the chaos. And even though she may not be a dressage pony yet, I think we will be able to get there!
What the heck is this snow?!
Casey is confused
And both of us are miserable in the cold

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