Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Never Enough Time

My barn friend and I were talking the other night about how barn hours do not run at the same speed as regular hours. You can intend to only spend an hour at the barn and then somehow it ends up being three hours later.
I have no photos actually related to this content, so enjoy some photos I like of Casey!
This is not just a problem that I've been experiencing at the barn, however, it feels like I just don't have enough time for anything in my life right now. At work I've been running myself ragged to try to get ahead, at home I feel overwhelmed by chores, and because I work at my barn to reduce my board, even that is not really relaxing.
Gotta pay for her board after all
I can pinpoint which decision led to this point. I decided that I needed to prioritize spending more time with my family. This is a great goal and it's really important to me, but it made everything else seem magnified in terms of stress load. I haven't brought any work home with me since winter break, but the cost that comes at is that I have been staying at work past my assigned work hours and I take no breaks during the work day. I am spending time with my family during the week, but it makes me feel like I have to really rush at the barn to not hold things up at home.

Basically, I need to just slow things down. I have finally gotten ahead on my work, so I should be able to reduce my hours there. I will still have times devoted to spending with my family, but I will try to make those nights that I don't have to go to the barn. I am also going to reduce the number of hours that I spend at the barn working. Although I love reduced board, I need to feel like I'm not drowning anymore and having the barn be my place of peace is essential to that. I will still work on the barn on Sunday, but I'm going to make sure to keep my Saturdays to myself.
Need to spend more time with the hubby
The things that make me happiest are my family, my pets, and riding. There is really no point in life if you don't do things that make you happy, so I'm going to try really hard to focus on the good and to continue to make time for the things that I really care about.
Casey making me happy

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