Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Fever

This weekend was insanely busy. I had a work event, I worked at the barn all day on Sunday, and it was my 6 year anniversary with my husband (years together, not years married). So all it all it was a really good weekend, but not exactly relaxing.
Pink jump
So cute I can't even handle it

Even with all of the craziness, I managed to fit in a ride yesterday. Casey hadn't been ridden the day before, so I was expecting her to maybe be a tad wild, but what I ended up getting wasn't a wild pony, it was just a happy pony. Casey was so excited to be out and working in the warm and sunny weather that she was literally bouncing with excitement. We were riding with our best friends (to clarify, the human is my best friend, and the horse is Casey's "boyfriend") and they were also in very good moods, so it's just something in the air... Every single canter transition was like a mini upward explosion of happiness and going towards the jumps she was giving me a super impulsion-filled bouncy canter. She was still staying with me and giving me really nice contact, horsie was just having fun!
Pink jump
Blue going away

We set up a varied-height jump course and did a couple of lines and then a course. Casey was picking super weird distances (I think because she was just so excited to be jumping) and so there were some awkward lines, but other than that Casey was jumping really well. She was jumping round and being very good at listening to me. She didn't once rush a jump, actually at one point I had to kick her on because her stride needed to be lengthened! I also feel really good about how I rode. Even though Casey wasn't exactly being easy to ride (what with her super-bouncy canter and strange distancing), but I wasn't getting too ahead or left behind. I didn't jab her in the mouth at all, I was giving her a nice release, and my legs weren't slipping back. That's not to say that I rode perfectly, I still have plenty to work on, but the things that were major issues for me are becoming more minor every month.
Barrel vertical

After jumping we went on a "trail" ride with our buddies and Casey was for the most part good, although she did spook at the scary thicket on the side of the road (who knows what monsters hide there after all). It wasn't a huge spook though, it was kind of a hop forward and then she listened to me to calm down. All in all she was very good, she just has spring fever.

How do your horses express their spring fever?
Pats for the good pony

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