Friday, April 14, 2017

Kerrits PowerStretch Pocket Tight Review

This winter Oregon had the craziest, coldest, most insane weather that I have ever seen. We had snow and ice to such levels that the city I live in was forced to declare a state of emergency. With all of this insane weather, my normal Oregon winter routine of just doubling up on torso wear and wearing regular breeches no longer cut it. I was freezing all winter. And it was miserable.

Due to this miserable experience, when I saw that some Kerrits winter tights on sale, I jumped on the chance to own some warmer gear. I own a regular pair of Kerrits riding tights and absolutely love them. They are comfortable, breathable, and have held up exceeding well (especially considering they are my most often worn tights). I knew that I loved the brand and fully expected their winter tights to uphold that high quality.
I bought the Kerrits PowerStretch Pocket Tight. They are one of Kerrits's winter riding tights, so they are wonderfully fleecy inside and are super comfortable. They are made out of Polartec material, so they are quite warm. Of course, I bought my pair after our icepocalypse, so I never got to test them in really freezing conditions, but in our cold conditions they do keep me nice and toasty.
Kerrits PowerStretch Pocket Tight
I bought these tights from SmartPak while they were on sale. Normally they retail for $82.95, but I got them for $39.99 (so about half off). I think that the regular retail price is fair. For some people that would even be cheap. However, I am a cheapskate who can just barely afford to live in this equestrian world, so to me, they were worth $40, but I wouldn't pay full price. A big part of why I wouldn't want to pay full price is that I live in a place where I might be able to use these tights a few months out of the year, but really only need this level of riding warmth for a few weeks. If I lived in a colder state I would probably feel differently. That being said, I have no regrets buying them on sale and wish that I had actually bought two pairs instead of one. Maybe they'll go on sale again next year?
Kerrits PowerStretch Pocket Tight in action
These tights come in five different colors: tan, denim (a really pretty blue), flint (a grey), black, and purple rein. I am a sucker for purple things and so jumped on the chance to buy the purple rein ones. I feel like my photos do not do the color justice. They are almost like an eggplant purple and are really gorgeous. Even though I have washed them multiple times, the vibrancy of the color has not faded. I would also love to own the denim ones, because the blue is quite beautiful, but since we are heading into summer that's just not going to happen.
Kerrits PowerStretch Pocket Tight Purple Rein
These riding tights have some really well-thought out details that I appreciate. For instance, the material that they are made out of is super resistant to dirt and horse hair sticking. As in, I never have dirt or horse hair sticking to it. Even during shedding season. I don't know what the material is, or how it has this magic, but it's much appreciated.
No horse hair is sticking to me, even after a thorough grooming session
The second great detail of these tights is that they have a cell phone pocket. Now I know pockets might not mean as much to some people as they mean to me. But holy cow pockets are the BEST THING EVER! Not only do they have a pocket, but it is a great pocket. It is on the side right thigh, so when you are riding you don't have the pocket contents stabbing you in uncomfortable ways. The pocket is also pretty large and deep, so annoying-large smart phones easily fit within them. The cutest part of the pocket is that the zipper is adorable, and small, and has a cute little carrot icon on it.
An awesome pocket with a cute carrot zipper
The PowerStretch Pocket Tight is a riding tight, not breeches, and so they don't have zippers, but instead pull-on. They are very stretchy and so are very comfortable. I really like riding tights, because I find that they are often more comfortable than breeches due to the amount of stretch that they have. Since they are riding tights, they do have a more form-fitting shape, but due to the added inner fleece, I find that they are thick enough to avoid the annoying panty-line issue that many riding tights have. If I tuck in thick-fabric shirts, they might show the wrinkles of the fabric, but thin shirts usually don't show through. The waist-line is called a Flow Rise waist. I'm not really sure what that means, but it's basically a mid-rise waist. It hits me right below the belly button. The waistband is wide and has belt loops, so you can pair a belt with it (although more for a fashion esthetic, since the wide waistband doesn't slide down).
You can slightly see the line of my shirt, but no panty-lines!
These riding tights are only available with knee patches, there is no full-seat option. The knee patches are made out of a material called Eco Suede. It is a 100% recycled ultra-microfiber. I don't know how exactly you can recycle microfiber, but that's really cool in my opinion. It does feel like real suede, and until looking this up I just thought it was real suede. The good thing about the Eco Suede though is that is is meant to last longer and wear less than real suede. That means that hopefully these tights will last a long time.
Eco Suede knee patch
After telling you all about the awesome features of this product, we now have come to its downside. These tights seem to run both big and long. I normally wear size small, and occasionally size extra-small. I ordered size small in these riding tights and they are definitely too big for me. I could have gotten away with an extra-small. This isn't such a huge deal, as sometimes I have to wear an extra-small, but the length is a true issue.
Sizing runs a tab big and long
I'm not tall, only about 5'3", but my legs are proportionate to my body and so typically riding pants fit me in length. These riding tights are so long that I have probably 2-3 inches of excess material at the bottom. They have gripper elastics at the ankles, meaning that the lower leg of the tight is just as thick as the rest of it (since it is thicker, fleece-lined fabric). Since they are so long and the fabric is a bit thick, I end up with bunched uncomfortable fabric at the ankles, meaning I have trouble getting my legs into my boots. I think that even if I had ordered an extra-small pair, they still would have been too long on me. My work-around this is that I just pull up the excess fabric, but then I still end up with bunched up fabric in one location or another. I wish that these tights were not so long, because then they would be pretty perfect. That being said, if you have longer legs, they would work great for you. For me, this is not a true deal-breaker. I can still wear them, and once I'm riding it doesn't really bother me. I wouldn't return them over this. But I wouldn't buy these riding tights at full price knowing this. If they go on mega-sale again, I would buy them, but I would order a size down hoping that would help the length issue.
You can see the bunches at the knee, due to me having to pull the fabric up
As a recap, the Kerrits PowerStretch Pocket Tight is a pretty awesome product. They are really comfortable and warm, and if you hate being cold are definitely a great choice for winter riding. They are durable, have an awesome pocket, and really pretty colors. They do run both a tad big and definitely long, so are best for riders with slightly longer legs, although a determined shortie like me can make it work. I really like them, and even with their issues, I think they are a great addition to my riding wardrobe.
Kerrits PowerStretch Pocket Tight


  1. Thanks for your review on these. I bought the new silicone FS version if these in denim color and love them!