Saturday, June 24, 2017

Horse Personality Quiz

In my opinion there are very few things as mind-numbingly entertaining as taking personality quizzes. I love to just sit down with trashy magazines and see what the pointless questions can tell me about myself. So imagine my joy when I discovered that there is such a thing as a horse personality quiz! I was hopping around on the blogosphere and found out about this through Olivia at DIY Horse Ownership.

There is a website called Horse Personalities Inc that features a horse personality quiz. My understanding of this website is that it is the website for the book Is Your Horse a Rock Star? by Dessa Hockley (by the way - this is the perfect horse book author last name).

After answering a series of questions about your horse, the quiz tells you what personality type your horse is. Casey is apparently "The Rock Star" which is defined by the following personality: "The Rock Stars are confident and charismatic.  They are expressive and strong minded. They love to show you what they know but are hard to get to focus on the small details of the task. They are found in many competitive arenas, usually at the top of their field." (Horse Personalities Inc).
Image of "The Rock Star" Horse

In addition to a brief definition of your horse's personality type, they also include a preview of the chapter from the book that correlates with that personality type. This gives even more information about your "type" of horse. Reading through the Rock Star horse chapter, I noticed that most of the description was pretty accurate for Casey, however not all things really fit.

Things that hold true for Casey:
- "They perform to the absolute utmost of their ability." Casey doesn't give half-effort on anything. She commits to whatever it is she is doing at the moment. This isn't always a good thing however, because sometimes her commitment is towards something that I don't want, like spooking down the barn aisle...
Loves to perform her job - jumping all the things
- "Has a strong ego, bordering on cocky, but personable and charming enough to endear them to you." She has a HUGE personality. She is also very endearing, like how the other day, she came up to cuddle me when I was filling her water bucket.
Casey cuddling me the other day
- "They have endless energy, which is most often positively expressed." She loves to run and jump and will do these things for as long as I will let her.
Loves to move
- "Always eager and ready to go to work, they will meet you at the gate most days. They are curious and outgoing, definitely not shy, and will tell you how they feel about most things." 100%  accurate assessment of Casey. She is highly opinionated about all things and not at all shy about expressing those opinions. She is also very curious.
Very curious, especially about Eden, but he is terrified of her.
- "Getting bored easily." This is so true. Casey is always getting into everything, investigating, because otherwise she gets bored. Nothing is worse, in her opinion, than having to stand quietly. It's boring.
Bored Casey sticking her tongue over the bit
- "This is not the horse that needs to be told where to put every foot." Casey gets pissy with me when I try to micro-manage her.
What happens when I try to micro-manage her

Things that definitely don't match my horse:
- "They tolerate all the fussing that goes with getting them ready for the show, whether it is braids or bathing." Casey doesn't tolerate me fussing over her. Getting groomed is her least favorite thing. She's terrible about haircuts and so my guess is would be even worse about braiding. She's ok-ish about baths, but isn't a fan of them.
Casey putting up with a bath

Things I'm unsure of:
- "They love the competition." I haven't taken Casey to a competition yet (stupid rehab).
- "They are near the top of the pecking order with their herd mates and expect to be there with you as well." About most things Casey is top of the pecking order. She bosses her BFF Ava around constantly. However, we don't have herds of horses at my barn, when Casey lived out in pasture it was only with one other horse, Ava. In addition, two winters ago, Casey was really losing a lot of weight, because she would let Ava eat all of the food, which is more consistent with a lower-pecking-order horse. So not so sure about this.
Beating up Ava
- "If something startles or scares them, they will almost appear embarrassed to have jumped or acted flighty like those other lesser herd mates." Casey is not really a spooky horse, and when she does spook it's not out of fear, she's doing it to test me and try to get away with crap. So she's not embarrassed by her spooking, if anything it's a middle finger to me!
The highly annoying spook from this week

Overall, this was really fun. Not everything has to be accurate, but it was a good way to waste some time!

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