Monday, October 2, 2017

Blog Hop: Your Perfect Horse

So I am absolutely in love with Olivia and her horse Frankie at Hellomylivia and have been for quite some time. She is wonderful with words, is about my age and so we have similar hopes/dreams and challenges, and her horse is to die for. Seriously, how can he be so perfect? Anyways, I hopped on her blog and saw that she wrote a post about her perfect horse and was inspired to do the same.

Now, I sincerely hope that Casey is still going strong ten years from now and that I won't have to worry about buying another horse for quite some time, BUT I think about my future horse (or horses... all the horses...) a lot.
Hopefully Casey and I can jump all the jumps for many more years
The problem with a post about a perfect horse is that I don't really know what I want in a perfect horse. Or rather, I do know what I want, but I want two perfect horses. Is that selfish? Hear me out.

I really, really, really want to get a baby. Not a baby-baby when they are oh-so-cute and little, but also self-destructive and insane. Also not a yearling, because they are awkward as all get-out. I want a 2-3 year old who has been taught some of the ground basics, but mostly has been left alone. I want this baby to have been bred by reputable breeders. I want this baby to have super-star parents who are successful in the hunter/jumper world. No backyard breeders for me, please. I would be able to train baby horse myself (with the help of Trainer) so that I've installed all of the buttons and know the background of the horse. I don't want a baby horse that has already been started under saddle, because so many people don't know what they are doing and mess up the horse by either working it too hard, too young, or by not training it properly. Ideally baby horse and I will have a couple of years to build a relationship and work on the basics and I would plan to start working on real stuff (jumping, dressage basics, etc) when they were about 5-6. In a perfect world, I'd buy baby horse when Casey is starting to slow down, but before she completely retires, that way I'll always have a horse to be riding.
I want a baby so that it doesn't have issues from bad riding or training. Casey's race training was a huge issue when I started riding her. Galloping is NOT always the answer...
The other part of me thinks that baby horse is going to be a lot of work, time, and energy. Plus baby horse might be kind of spendy if I get what I want (a well-bred baby). So I also want a 6-7 year old show horse, who has already been trained in the basics and now is starting their jumping career. If I bought this horse, let's call it show horse, I'd want something that I know is talented. The meters should be easy-peasy for show horse, and it should have the scope for even higher. I'm ok with show horse being green over jumps, but the talent and brain need to be spot-on. Show horse would have impeccable ground manners and would be a fluid, beautiful mover. Show horse never takes a wrong step and oozes gracefulness. I would be able to take show horse into a dressage arena with no questions asked. Show horse should be super responsive and soft, but have a bit of fire. Go should always be the right answer.
Show horse should have scope and a bit o'fire
As far as details of the horse, they are pretty similar for both baby horse and show horse. I want it to be some type of warmblood or Thoroughbred, or some cross between those. It doesn't have to be a purebred horse, it just has to have nice conformation. I love mares, so would prefer a mare, however I could be swayed by the right gelding. I know that they aren't the most popular, but I love chestnuts. I also do love dappled bays. Either way I want the horse to have a bunch of chrome. In a perfect horse I want a blaze and four socks. A long, flowing mane and tail is a must.
Bay with a tiny amount of chrome. I want a bit more chome than this, but I do love Casey's coat.
Between baby horse and show horse, I'm not sure which one I want. A lot depends on Casey's career and life span, because I really do always want to have a rideable horse. Also, this is very dependent on my future economic status. Right now I can barely afford one horse. And I got her for free... So I'm going to need to be in a lot better financial shape to fulfill any of these dreams. My dreams of a perfect horse also are constantly evolving. Since I'm not a person who shows (hopefully someday I'll get to show a bit), I don't NEED my horse to be the most talented, amazing horse. It'd be nice and fun, but I just want a horse who is fun to ride and be around.

Another point I'd like to make is that I really do think that Casey could turn out to be my perfect horse. She's changing so much week-by-week and is so much fun to work with. I've only owned her for a year, six months of which she was in rehab, and already we've done things that I never thought would be possible. The biggest factor in determining which horse is perfect for me is honestly my connection with that horse. Casey and I definitely have that. She might not tick all of the boxes, but she is my heart horse which makes all the difference.
Casey may not be perfect, but she is my heart horse <3

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