Tuesday, October 3, 2017


If you've been following my blog for a while, then you know that Casey has been barefoot since January. Basically, she mauled herself in December and had to have some time off, so I took the opportunity to pull her front shoes and see if she could handle going without them. Our adventures in barefoot land were pretty great. For a Thoroughbred with pretty flat feet that were prone to flaring, Casey was surprisingly sound without the support of shoes. I loved it because it cost so much less.
Casey's winter coat is coming in and I literally cannot stop hugging her. She feels like a teddy bear!
And then we had the suspensory injury... and while Casey was still doing just fine barefoot, after talking with Trainer, Vet, and Farrier, we all agreed that having the support of shoes would be good preventative care to take care of her leg in the future. I'm all about preventative care now, because I learned just how terrible rehab is with an OTTB.
Casey with shoes
Girlie has now had shoes on for over a week and so I've come to some conclusions. The first few days, she was really just getting used to having shoes on. Farrier recommended riding with bell boots on for a while to prevent her pulling the shoes, but that just pissed Casey off (because of course it did). Now she's gotten used to the extra weight and the feel of the shoes, and I've gotta say, I'm so impressed!
Just look at that trot!
With shoes on, Casey is much more willing to step under herself, resulting in some really fabulous movement. Her trot feels much more expressive and free-flowing. In the canter, she seems much more uphill. Oddly enough, her walk seems worse with shoes, because she is stepping so far underneath herself that she keeps "flat-tire-ing" her own self (when you step on the back of someone's heel). I think she annoyed herself by doing this and now she's being too pokey at the walk.
Fancy pony

I think I've been converted and Casey and I are now shoeaholics. If her movement feels this great and we are still building strength in her back end after the rehab, I can only imagine what it will feel like a few months from now.
I cannot get over how good she's looking these days

Question for you: Are your horses shoed or barefoot? Why did you make the choice that you did?
We are now proud shoeaholics

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